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I had lower back and shoulder pain for some time and had tried chiropractic with no convincing benefit when a friend suggested I try craniosacral. The series of sessions I had was like a trip in self-discovery and healing. I realized the imbalance between the left and right sides of my body and I witnessed it being resolved over the course of the treatment. Deep emotions I had no idea were blocking me were also released. In the end I felt much more acceptance for my whole self and a deeper understanding of my body.


I have normally been attacked by migraine at least once in a week. But now since my third treatment, I have not had any suffering from those symptoms at all. I believe I am gradually cured, not only of migraine, but of all health, spirits and confidence. Please accept my sincere thanks; your treatment has pulled me to upper life level.

R. Y.

It is indeed a pleasure to have the therapy session I had with you. It was a very pleasant and exuberant experience. The sensation of the body receiving a kind of "magnetic current flow" is simply relaxing. After both the session I was at peace with myself and slept like a baby, and was amazed that I did not wake up in the middle of the night for my usual toilet visit. Am looking forward to my next "therapeutic journey" to Wonderland.


As a marketer by choice, I love every minute of it. If asked what occupational hazard I would be subjected to, I would say "stress." Stress, at a certain level may be tolerable, but not at the level that starts draining your energy. To get out of it, the best way is to stop thinking and let go. Well, in this hectic world, it is not such an easy thing to do. I have many getaways but the best way to de-stress and detox at the same time is through CST and Lymph drainage therapy. I love to try new things, anything that can get me back my treasured energy to go on. I am very suspicious of CST in the first encounter. Once tried, the experience is truly personal, feel like a moment of spa plus meditation. I feel more relaxed and energized naturally every time after treatment. Thank you for such an uplifting moment and for the dedication to the practice of CST and LDT.


I am writing this short note of my "Release Stress" therapy sessions with you. I call it the "release stress" session as it actually helped me to cope with my everyday work pressures. As you know I work a 12 hour day in Business and some of the problems within the day can be rather stressful. I was rather apprehensive when I went for my first session or treatment as I did not know anything about it (if I can call it – New Age Therapy). When your hands slowly passed thru the body I felt a tinkling effect as if the body was being massage on. Slowly I felt asleep and the next thing I knew the session was over. After having 6 treatments my body and mind are more at ease and I am less uptight, and I do feel very much more energetic. By the way some of my body aches also disappeared. Thank you!

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